About Molly and Alicia

Update 2018: We are no longer both teaching in Seattle Public Schools. Alicia has moved north to teach 3rd grade. Our mission and purpose remain the same. We believe in empowering and giving all students’ voice and choice in the classroom. We also have realized that we have a great deal of expertise to share about our experiences with social-emotional learning in the classroom. Our goal this year is to continue to blog from both a primary and intermediate perspective. Our hopes for the this sleepy blog is to re-energize it, blog more, connect more and continue learning and growing with our online community. Please join us on this journey. 

We are two first grade teachers in the Seattle area. Together we have taught for over 20 years in primary classrooms. We both have our National Board Certification in Early and Middle Childhood Literacy.  We are passionate about learning not only for students but ourselves as educators.  It’s safe to say that what we did in the classroom  last year will change this year.   We believe that every year is a fresh start and filled with endless possibilities.  What doesn’t change is our underlying belief that as teachers our job is to empower even our youngest students so they are able to make choices about their learning.  We have found that when we give students voice and choice they will exceed our expectations. We don’t have all the answers but we do believe we have something to share.  We started this blog because we realize that this emphasis on 21st century learning skills combined with technology is lacking in our region especially in the primary grades. Our purpose is to share what we are learning and hopefully connect and learn with you as well.

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